​Tuesday, 29th March 2022

17:00 – 19:00 Registration
19:00 – 21:00 Welcome cocktail

EtiennnWednesday, 30th March 2022


08:20 – 08:30 Opening remarks

Alexandre Cordeiro – Chair (Brazil)
Cani Fernandéz – Chair (Spain)
Andreas Mundt – Chair (Germany)


08:30 – 09:45

Plenary Session 1

Separating the wheat from the chaff: How to identify mergers that raise competition concerns? Should notification criteria be revised?

Moderator Alexandre Cordeiro (CADE) – Chair (Brazil)
Speakers Denar Biba (ACA) – Chair (Albania)
Eleni Gouliou (CMA)
– Director of Mergers (UK)
Natalie Harsdorf-Borsch
(Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde) –
Director General (Austria)
Etienne Chantrel (Autorité de La Concurrence)
– Head of the Merger Unit (France)
09:45 – 10:15 Coffee-break
10:15 – 11:45

Breakout session 1

Minority acquisitions: a minor concern? When is influence decisive?

Moderator Vinícius Marques (NGA) – Partner in VMCA Law Firm (Brazil)
Speakers Adrien Giraud (NGA) – Partner in Latham & Watkins (France)
Antonio Capobianco (OECD) –
Acting Head of the OECD Competition Division
Rosie Richardson (CMA)
– Case Officer (UK)

Breakout session 2

Merger prequels: What happens before the notification of a merger? The experience of competition lawyers.

Moderator Bruno Drago (NGA) – Partner in Demarest Law Firm (Brazil)
Speakers Dave Anderson (NGA) – Partner in BCLP LLP Law Firm (Belgium)
Nobuaki Ito (NGA)
– Partner in Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu Law Firm (Japan)
Leena Lindberg (NGA)
– Partner in Krogerus Law Firm (Finland)

Breakout session 3

The role of third parties.

Moderator Dario Neto (CADE) – Head of the Technical Advisory Unit (Brazil)
Speakers Rob van der Laan (NGA) – Competition Economist in OmniCLES (UK)
Patrick Chengo (CCPC)
– Chief Investigator – Mergers and Monopolies (Zambia)
Ricardo Bayão Horta (AdC)
– Senior Legal Advisor at the Merger Unit (Portugal)
Andrew Gallagher (ACCC)
– Director in the Mergers, Exemptions and Digital Division (Australia)
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 – 14:45

Plenary Session 2

Merger Boom: How authorities can tackle the post-pandemic increase in M&A activity.

Moderator Diogo Thomson (CADE) – General Superintendent Interim (Brazil)
Speakers Holly Vedova (FTC) – Director- General of the Bureau of Competition (US)
María Luisa Tierno (CNMC)
– Director-General for Competition (Spain)
Manish Mohan Govil (CCI)
– Adviser (Law) and Head Combinations Division (India)
14:45 – 15:15 Coffee-break
15:15 – 16:45

Breakout session 4 (Agency only)

Merger review solutions developed by authorities.

Moderator Iara do Espírito Santo (CADE) – Head of the Unit for Monitoring Proceedings (Brazil)
Speakers Felipe Dias (CADE) – IT Technician (Brazil)
Sarah Abdel Hamid (ECA)
– Senior Economist and Consultant (Egypt)
Florencia Bogo (CNDC)
– Director of Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis (Argentina)
Stellah Onyancha (COMESA)
– Manager, Enforcement and Exemptions Division and Officer in Charge of the Mergers and Acquisitions (Malawi)
Katarina Labajova (SCA)
– Senior Economist (Sweden)

Breakout session 5 

Innovative tools and methodologies for merger review (E.g. online surveys/ network analysis/Big Data/Text Mining).

Moderator Ricardo Medeiros (CADE) – Deputy Chief Economist (Brazil)
Speakers David Dorrel (CMA) – Director of Data Science (UK)
Vicente Lagos (FNE)
– Chief Economist (Chile)
Neha Raj Kochhar (CCI)
– Joint Director (India)

Breakout session 6

Small and successive acquisitions by companies with a high market share: what is the best approach for analysis during the merger reviews?

Moderator Victor Rufino (NGA) – Partner at Mudrovitsch Law Firm (Brazil)
Speakers Ratshidaho Maphwanya (CCSA) – Principal Analyst at Mergers & Acquisitions Division (South Africa)
Marc Reysen (NGA)
– Chair Advisory Committee to the IBA Antitrust Section (EU)
Pierre Zelenko (NGA)
– Partner at Linklaters (France)
Fabian Pape (Bundeskartellamt)
– Head of Merger Control Unit (Germany)
19:00 – 21:00 Social event and gala dinner

 hursday, 31st March 2022

08:30 – 09:45

Plenary Session 3

Digitization of the economy from the antitrust perspective: The emergence of innovative and modern digital solutions for traditional markets.

Moderator Lenisa Prado (CADE) – Commissioner (Brazil)
Speakers Patrick Chengo (CCPC) – Chief Investigator – Mergers and Monopolies (Zambia)
Simon Genevaz (DG Comp)
– Deputy Head (EU)
Masaki Kakimoto ( JFTC)
– Case Handler (Japan)
John Newman (FTC)
– Deputy Director of the Bureau of Competition (US)
09:45 – 10:15 Coffee-break
10:15 – 11:45

Breakout session 7

Platforms and the sharing of sensitive information.

Moderator Alden Caribé de Sousa (CADE) – Head of Merger Unit (Brazil)
Speakers Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi (NGA) – Partner in Competition Law at Frieh Associés (France)
Masayuki Atsumi (NGA)
– Partner heading competition/antitrust law practice at Miura & Partners (Japan)
Andrea Pomana (NGA)
– Partner in the competition and antitrust group of ADVANT Beiten (Germany)

Breakout session 8

Entry and Potential Competition analysis in digital markets.

Moderator Victor Oliveira Fernandes (NGA) – Chief of Staff at the Brazilian Supreme Court (Brazil)
Speakers Davide Cazano (CMA) – Principal Case Officer (UK)
Cory Brader Leuchten (DoJ)
– Senior Counsel in the Office of the Attorney General at the Antitrust Division (US)
Ieva Jakubaviciene (KT)
– Head of Mergers Supervision Group (Lithuania)
Kate McKenna (NGA)
– Partner at Matheson Law Firm (Ireland)

Breakout session 9 

Analysis of conglomerate effects

Moderator Paola Pugliese (NGA) – Partner in
Demarest Law Firm (Brazil)
Speakers Eyal Shapira (ICA) – Senior Assistant to the General Director (Israel)
Krisztian Katona (NGA)
– Vice President of CCIA (US)
John M. Yun (NGA)
– Associate Professor of Law at the Antonin Scalia Law School
Marcelo Guimarães (OECD)
– Consultant at the Competition Division (OECD)
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 – 14:45

Plenary Session 4

Lessons learned by authorities on how to avoid ineffective remedies.

Moderator Eleni Gouliou (CMA) – Director of Mergers (UK)
Speakers Jan Sand Yngve (KT) – Chief Economist (Norway)
José Luis Ambriz (COFECE)
– General Director of Mergers (Mexico)
Miguel Moura e Silva (AdC)
– Board Member (Portugal)
Patricia Brink (DoJ)
– Senior Counsel (US)
14:45 – 15:15 Coffee-break
15:15 – 16:45

Breakout session 10

Remedies in regulated markets?

Moderator Caio Mario Pereira Neto (NGA) – Partner at PNM Law Firm (Brazil)
Speakers Yuval David Hananel (ICA) – Attorney at Markets Department (Israel)
Matteo Giangaspero (OECD)
– Competition Expert (OECD)
Pedro Hinojo (CNMC)
– Head of the Information Society Unit (Spain)

Breakout session 11

Structural Remedies

Moderator Lilian Marques (CADE) – Head of Merger Unit (Brazil)

Davide Cazano (CMA) – Principal Case Officer (UK)

Francisca Levin (CCA) – Head of Mergers (Chile)
Markus Jankowski (Bundeskartellamt) – Case Handler (Germany)
Jurgita Breskyte (KT) – Chief Advisor (Lithuania)


Breakout session 12

Behavioral Remedies

Moderator Rodrigo Belon (CADE) – Chief Attorney (Brazil)
Speakers Noyan Delibas (RK) – Competition Expert (Turkey)
Sean Mernagh (DG Comp)
– Case Handler (EU)
Michele Pacilo (AGCM)
– Official for International Affairs (Italy)
V. Sriraj (CCI)
– Joint Director (India)


Friday, 1st April 2022

08:30 – 09:45

Plenary Session 5

What is next? Challenges faced by the merger control in the new world.

Moderator Patricia Sakowski (CADE) – Deputy Superintendent (Brazil)
Speakers Magaly Varela Villar (Indecopi) – Legal Executive of the Merger Control Division (Peru)
Teresa Moreira (UNCTAD)
– Head of the Competition and Consumer Policies Branch 
Tom Leuner (ACCC)
– Executive General Manager of the Mergers, Exemptions and Digital Division (Australia)
09:45 – 10:00 MWG Projects
  Bruna Pamplona (CADE) – Head of International Unit (Brazil)
Jan Sand Yngve (KT) – Chief Economist (Norway)
Eleni Gouliou (CMA) – Director of Mergers (UK)
Sergio Sinovas Caballero (CNMC) – Deputy Director Industry and Energy of Competition Directorate (Spain)
10:00 – 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 – 11:30 Closing remarks
  Alexandre Cordeiro Macedo (CADE) – President (Brazil)
13:30 – 18:00 Social event


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Deville Prime Salvador is a premium hotel located only a 10-minute drive away from Salvador International Airport. It is surrounded by nature and only minutes from the beach, offering a calm environment and close contact with nature, in addition to providing easy access to the city centre, restaurants and the best and most fascinating places in Salvador.

The hotel has excellent facilities to accommodate the workshop attendants comfortably and safely. It has eight different accommodations with elegant decors, two restaurants, a lobby bar, a pool bar, business and congress centres, a fitness centre, a pool and a lake with native vegetation, and a bike rental.

The Deville Convention Salvador is one of the larger event centres in the Northeast Region of Brazil–with a capacity to accommodate up to 1,300 people within 13 modular meeting rooms, which allows for maximum flexibility to cater for events of all sizes. Enclosed by a green area with the Deville Prime Salvador, it is only minutes from the famous Itapuã Beach. It is modern and offers all the amenities necessary for the comfort and security of all that attend the ICN Merger Workshop.

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